The Benefits of Cleaning ATMs

Branch transformation initiatives have put the ATM self-service channel front and center as a means of routinely interfacing with customers. ATMs have become a multi-functional banking device where consumers can perform virtually any kind of transaction. This makes ATM uptime a critical component of the successful customer experience. Over 30% of ATMs worldwide now include crucial automated deposit modules - and that is only increasing. These highly efficient units are continually exposed to the dirt, ink and contaminants typical of currency and cheques, potentially slowing down transactions, triggering errors or causing the units to jam. Card readers, touch screens and key pads are also subject to extended use, finger oils and environmental conditions. Implementing a proactive cleaning regimen is proven to maintain the operational uptime of your ATM fleet.

An efficient, operational ATM is key to:

  • Improving the customer experience
  • Decreasing transaction time
  • Reducing costs and service calls
  • Maintaining hassle free revenue streams

Having studied the complex workings of ATM devices, KICTeam’s specially designed ATM Cleaning Kits and detailed instructions are module specific and geared toward either bank employees or field technicians depending on a “safe open” or a “safe closed” procedure. Both are fast, cost effective and easy to use.

Each KICTeam product is saturated with one of our proprietary Envanish™ cleaning solutions that meet global regulatory requirements, have been proven safe and are tailored to each device and application. Products are suitable for NCR, Diebold, Wincor, Hyosung and many other ATM brands.